The CD 'Bardensang' has a long story, that begins in wonderful evenings at the campfire, together with nice friends, buoyant with sweet wine and wildromantically shined on by the silver light of the stars, that were so close to us in these nights. But those enchanting nights became colder and the times of singing together were scarce.
Still, or just because of that, the idea came up to ban those often-sung songs on CD. The mood of those hours can barely caught on a silver disc. But a little charm remains, clinging to old stories, of which the ballads tell, shimmering through the woven sounds of a melody. And maybe one little heart of it might be caught for a moment...
Bardensang is a pure acoustic CD with many wonderful ballads, that bid to abide and remember.


1. Der Weg durch den Dunkelforst
2. Tobrien in Not
3. Die Ysiliaballade
4. Schwarze Lande
5. Still
6. Hebt nun den Krug!
7. Der Choral der Vergänglichkeit
8. Weidleth
9. Köngistod
10. Ilsur
11. Roter Mond
12. Weiden im Wind
13. Das Zwergenlied

         The Artists of the CD Bardensang:


Amber   (Vocals, Guitars)

Pulcus de Parmese (Flute, Harp Background Vocals)
     aka Florian Don Schauen

Nico Gielen (Violin)

Patrick  Fritz  (Keyboard Choral & Background Vocals)

Der dicke Rufus (Bongos & Background Vocals)
    aka Ulrich Kneiphof

Hötti Äitschpoint (Dwarf & Background Vocals)

Susi Michels (Duet & Background Vocals)

Guest Musicians:

From Saltatio Mortis:
Timo Gleichmann aka Lasterbalk, der Lästerliche (Percussion)
Gunter Kopf aka Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mümmelstein (Background Vocals)
From Umbra et Imago:
Lutz Demmler, Bass, Keyboard, Production